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To create the best and most superior sound to enhance the viewing system experience in your ideal home cinema, your choice of speakers is as important as the screen and projection system. The quality of the sound is equally as important to your viewing experience as the quality of the picture, especially in today’s market where the film sound tracks are multi-layered and complex. With this in mind and to provide you with the best possible sound solution, Oakley Home Cinema only install the best and partner with the leading speaker manufacturers in the world. Amongst these are JBL Synthesis, Leon, Revel, Wisdom Audio and Stealth Acoustics, to name but a few.

[su_spoiler title=”JBL Synthesis“]JBL Professional is a multi award winning brand and a market leader in concert halls and theatres across the world, with early beginnings in the motion picture industry. JBL Synthesis is the home cinema derivative from its professional relatives and uses identical technology in the engineering of domestic acoustic sound systems such as distortion free digital equalisation and horn loaded compression drivers. Certified technicians are used by Oakley Home Cinema in the installation and calibration of your room of JBL Synthesis sound systems, with solutions to suit all different size of home cinema from 45m³ up to 2800m³. The professional experience is here for you.

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The Leon brand has been around for well over 10 years and their dedication to the home cinema market is second to none. They are producers of some of the highest quality and most innovative loud speakers for our home cinema customers, including the on-wall plasma speaker as early as 1998. An individual company that custom builds to order using proprietary manufacturing techniques and processes that are state of the art, Leon creates the bespoke sound system for you, which is why Oakley Home Cinema is happy to recommend them as one of our suppliers.

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Some of the finest load speakers hail from the Revel brand, launched in 1996. Their range of speakers deliver the ultimate in performance, design and expression of sound. This coupled with the design of their cabinets with technology and features for all budgets with the performance expected by the Oakley Home Cinema customer.

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In the polyglot of thousands of companies offering loudspeaker systems, Oakley Home Cinema consider Wisdom Audio as a company that actually concentrates on the individual producing of systems employing technologies and transducers of their own design and manufacture – a company highly dedicated to the craftsmanship that is required in today’s market. And this is not a mean feat considering how many companies say they can produce something but the ultimate challenge is that they cannot.

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[su_spoiler title=”Architettura Sonora“]

In 2009 B&C Speakers and Sound&Experience Design merged together with a joint image that was and is innovative, intuitive and visionary. With their multi-sensory approach and state of the art technology combined with knowledge of design and architectural spaces they came together to create a combination of multi-sensory immersiveness.

The variety and competence of Architettura Sonara, AS™, is due to the skills of the their team of acoustician’s, sound designers, musicians, architects and a variety of electronic and mechanical engineers to provide the best acoustic sound in both inside and outside environments. Using unconventional design Architettura Sonara’s engineers were able to achieve this.

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[su_spoiler title=”Stealth Acoustics“] Who could not want an invisible audio solution – to have hidden speakers with multi channel surround sound for all the locations you require – from your hall to your kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom, all incorporated in your home so you hear the sound, but from hidden sources. Oakley Home Cinema have a full range of hidden speakers that totally blend into your lifestyle, a seamless blend into your surroundings that can be totally customised to whatever décor, colour scheme or design you have in your home – with Oakley Home Cinema we are here to create the ideal environment for you.

Download the Stealth Acoustics Invisible Series Brochure

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Oakley Home Cinema is there to provide the highest calibre of performance from your speakers with the best possible sound available and to make them as unobtrusive as possible depending on your needs. We make sure the positioning and design blends in totally with what you, our customer, requires – a seamless approach with the appropriate acoustic sound you require. Oakley Home Cinema provides the seamless home sound experience, totally customised to your needs that match the décor and surrounding of your home and can even be disguised in the artwork in your room. You just need to choose the right equipment – we provide the complete service to suit all your needs.

Contact Oakley Home Cinema today for more information on in-ceiling, in-wall or free-standing speakers for your home cinema.

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