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Imagination is a key part to starting out on your Home Cinema Journey. Having everything available at the touch of a button, dimming lights in and out, audio and video starting, stopping and pausing when you wish, without the pain of having to watch adverts and previews. The Kaleidescape system is highly recommended by Oakley Home Cinema due to its ease of use and just how reliable the system is.

kaleidascapeBuilding the ultimate film library is part of the fun of having your own home cinema and Kaleidescape makes this ultimately possible, with the ability to download Blu-ray movies for the store or finding new movies from their excellent collection. Kaleidescape has an intuitive Movie Guide that helps you every step of the way, from the basic film lover to the complete enthusiast.

The Kaleidescape system is the expandable, custom and tailor made installation for the home cinema truly theatrical experience. It is a coming together of software, hardware and services coming together to provide you, our Oakley Home Cinema client, with all the extra theatrical experiences you need – we want you to have the best and this is what we aim to provide.

Whether you have a large home or a yacht, Oakley Home Cinema can bring the Kaleidescape system into your home cinema space to make sure that you, our client, have the best video and audio distribution, with simultaneous playback and the most incredible home cinema experience we can achieve.

Oakley Home Cinema can supply a wide range of audio and video distribution and amplification equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers…

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One of the most infuriating things about watching a film is having to watch and listen to endless adverts or skip jumping to where you want a film to begin. Kaleidescape allows the viewer to immediately select a film and have it start within seconds – something that the Kaleidescape Movie Team have put into place, making your choice of film immediate, instantaneous and giving you the viewer the chance to enjoy what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and without all the extra baggage. It is simplicity itself with all the complexity taken away.


The Kaleidescape Experience is a truly cinematic convenience with breathtaking sound and viewing just at the touch of a button. An immediate choice of films without the tedium of wading through complex menus and trawling through endless advertisements and previews that have no interest to our viewers, Oakley Home Cinema are more than happy to endorse the enjoyment that Kaleidescape provides with its seemingly unlimited supply of your favourite films, without the necessity of thousands of DVDs or other discs to store.

Enjoy Movies in Exciting New Ways

Imagine having your own movie guide that brings all the silly facts you’ve never dreamed of wanting to know, cast lists, what the film is about, what genre it is and how suitable it is for you and your family – this is the heart and soul of the Kaleidescape Movie Guide – handcrafted by the team to provide you, our customer, with everything you need to know about the films you want to see and again providing them at your fingertips. This system also enables you to make sure that your children are watching what you consider suitable and not having them discover films that are totally inappropriate. Parental control is one of the key 21st century ideals, whether it be the internet or television and Kaleidescape gives you the peace of mind and still lets your children enjoy the fun of Oakley Home Cinema.
Not only does Kaleiderscape give your these wonderful options with films, they can also provide the same flexibility with your sound in exactly the same way and we at Oakley Home Cinema have the ability to supply, install and maintain your system, leaving you to just sit back and enjoy your new video and audio world.

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[su_spoiler title=”StormAudio“]Storm Audio is the residential brand of the DMS Group who are involved in the professional electronics of Studio and Cinema. The philosophy behind Storm Audio is the push the boundaries of the home cinema market, providing products for enhancing high profile System Integrators and solutions for multi room audio and home cinemas.


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Integra is passionate about it’s mission to provide the best components for home cinema enthusiasts, setting new standards in quality and the ability for multi-zone expansion and upgrade capability. Integra’s track record is unparalleled in the field of audio engineering. Only the finest parts and materials are used and the support and technical resources available are second to none. Integra is world class in it’s field of home cinema and Oakley Home Cinema is happy to recommend Integra to our clients.


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Ground breaking technology in the audio industry is what Lexicon is renowned for. Since it’s beginnings in 1971 with the introduction of the world’s first digital processor, Lexicon has been a market leader in digital audio. In the realm of soundtracks, film, broadcast and music 80% is heard using Lexicon processing and is acknowledged as the measure of excellence in the home cinema arena, creating exquisite sound using seven-channel amplifiers and the MC-12 theatre processor, a state of the art automatic room equalization system. Lexicon’s approach to introducing ground-breaking technology is one of the reasons that Oakley Home Cinema uses this state of the art company.


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Mark Levinson are providers or some of the most high performance audio equipment to date, with the highest sound quality. Starting in 1972 Mark Levinson amplifiers changed the way people listened to sound and music with their impeccable finish and the quality of their wound. They produced legendary amplifiers and preamplifiers converting from analog to digital with one of the finest playback systems which strengthened the acceptance of digital music to the high end community. Mark Levinson products provide the operational excellence you can come and expect to demand from Oakley Home Cinema.


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