Multi Room Audio & Video

Digital media distribution is the starting point of any project that involves sound, audio, home cinema, internet or CCTV and should be available in any room and at any source. Centrally held and available in every room – a system controlled in a user easy manner with handsets or in-wall controllers. Our clients want the luxury of collecting emails wherever they may be in the house, the choice of playing different music simultaneously in different rooms or watching your home cinema options in the bath or jacuzzi – these are options that Oakley Home Cinema can and do provide.

“If music be the food of love, play on” – the famous first words from Shakespeare’s 12th Night – and this sums up the importance of being able to listen to whatever music our clients want, when they want and wherever they want without disturbing other family members. We at Oakley Home Cinema want to provide the opportunity for the parents to listen to Vivaldi (or Meat Loaf, The Beatles or whoever the children dont consider up to date) in one room while their children listen to their own contemporary music in their own spaces (so the parents dont have to listen to it). With our multi room audio and video distribution systems this will be a problem solved.

This system can also include games consoles, the latest in Blu-Ray technology, and CCTV being a small example, across the entire property. This can also be included to watch any source in any room in full high definition. The number of screens you require us just down to you.

To ensure your project runs smoothly, with the required design, installation, programming, and firstly proper planning, not forgetting the most important thing – good customer service, we at Oakley Home Cinema Marbella are here to help so contact us now to see how we can help with your requirements.

Multi Room Audio & Video Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond