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Home Cinema Projectors and Screens – very few companies are able to provide the bespoke requirements for the exclusive design and installation of your Private Home Cinema. This is why Oakley Home Cinema are the specialists in the exclusive design and installation of Private Home Cinema. We take the personal approach to come and assess your requirements and then, in conjunction with your approval, we create something which very few companies are really able to provide – the really personal touch.

Whether you prefer a professional domestic projector or professional grade projector, with Oakley Home Cinema there to guide you, we can give you the right advice on the type of screen and Home Cinema system to suit what you require and what suits the needs of you and your family.

Why a Projector Over a Television Screen?

Obviously cost efficiency is very important when it comes to choosing how you wish to view your television. The deprecation in price of television screens has changed dramatically in recent years, however for the best visual solution and quality compared to the size of screen required – projector and screen win hands down. A 90″ flat screen television will cost, generally, over six thousand euros. A projector and screen will undoubtedly provide a much larger screen size with a better image and far more cost effectively than what we traditionally think and who better to talk to than Oakley Home Cinema.

The Heart of Home Entertainment

Oakley Home Cinema are the bespoke package providers – imagine yourself in your favourite armchair with the surround sound perfect theatre system (popcorn optional) Home Cinema – the perfect provider of all the components you need for your perfect Home Cinema, but more realistically, Home Relaxation system.

We at Oakley Home Cinema want to provide the perfect solution for you – it is essential for us to help you choose the right home cinema projector and for us our preferred supplier to provide the best solution for you are Barco Projectors for most of our installations, however choice is also one of our main criterias for our clients so Runco, Lumegen and Cineversum are very important to us in our Home Cinema selection of products. We are also aware that people want quality, but on a smaller budget, and with this in mind we have excellent contacts with Sony and Epsom, to help everyone with all their budget needs.

What Oakley Home Cinema wants is to provide the best service for our clients – to listen to what our clients need and require, what their budget is and to make sure we supply the best Home Cinema for what our clients want – a bespoke and a unique setup for everyone that uses Oakley Home Cinema.

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Barco projectors – what a legacy to start from wonderfully crafted wooden cabinets originating in high end radios to become state of the art professionals who equip today’s digital cinemas with 40% of the screens in Digital Cinema – a leader in today’s market who now provide guinuine works of art in the home and are the leading edge in technological applications.

Barco Residential has returned to those early roots to bring the pinnacle of home entertainment back into the home with the attention to detail of image and sound technology for the person who wants the high-end home and wants to share the unique Home Cinema experience with friends and family.

Innovation, technology leadership and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Barco Residential products and technology brand – unrivalled and custom designed – a European company with design centres in Norway and Belgium. Immediately conjuring up the potent image of high quality sound and image and working together with providing tailor made solutions in conjunction with exclusive partners who are there to provide the solution that Oakley Home Cinema wants to provide for you. In using Barco Residential we hope to do just that and change your Home Cinema experience and turn it into something that will make you the envy of all your friends (and the socialites of the future). [/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Runco“]

Innovative products are the key to the influence that Runco has had on the evolution of the home cinema from its beginnings.

Different media publications annually award products from Runco. It’s proprietary ViVix II digital video signal processing is highly regarded as well as one of its main strengths of a long experience in video processing – crucial to picture quality.

Since 2005 Runco have surpassed their goal to reach movie quality pictures in our own homes and now with the Video Xtreme series of anarmophic lenses have done just that for the home cinema user. This is why Oakley Home Cinema uses Runco as one of its suppliers – for your unique Home Cinema needs.






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Lumagen video processors give you the opportunity to watch a film like it is your own private cinema and with studio quality scaling (using Lumagen’s No-ring™ scaling) and calibration maximisation. The full potential of your home cinema can be reached with the advanced controls including 3D colour, scaling and geometry management.

Downlaod the Lumagen Brochure

[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Cineversum“]Using reflective technology featuring 3 Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) panels Cineversum Blackwing Series projectors are able to provide the quality of display that our clients expect. They achieve a vivid and pure picture, using a three-chip design, in any circumstances.

Cineversum Blackwing MK2014 Series


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Let’s Get Technical

When choosing the ideal projector screen there are various things to take into consideration, for instance, like making sure what you choose works within the size of the space you want for your home cinema room. Acoustic transparency, luminosity, anamorphic lenses and ambient lighting are also things to consider and this is where our Oakley Home Cinema specialists give you all the guidance and advice for the perfect product for you.

A good projection screen is also as important as a good projector to achieve optimal projection. The projection screen should reflect the image from the projector ie the light emitted from the projector should be reflected off the projection screen material, ensuring that viewing is not compromised.

Although we are able to supply and install a variety of quality brands to suit our client’s situation, the Oakley Home Cinema preferred choice of screen brand is Stewart Filmscreen.

At Oakley Home Cinema we also utilise a variety of quality system manufacturers for TV installations, including specialist screens from Agath for demanding environmental situations.

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Stewart Filmscreen have the perfect solution for all circumstances from multi-function entertainment spaces to dedicated home cinema rooms. With the combination of flexible design, dedicated support and superior quality expected from our discerning customers around the world, Stewart Filmscreen have been providing these services for over 65 years. With one of these screens it is impossible not to be totally immersed in the experience of your home cinema.

The range of screens and systems available includes fixed frame screen systems, wall or ceiling mounted screens, either front or rear projection screens, a curved 2 way vertical masking system projection screen and so the list goes on.

Stewart Filmscreen Residential Brochure

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deckeneinbau_expertline(1)Celexon offers a varied range of screens depending on the client’s requirements. The most cost effective solutions are provided by the range of manual screens, with electric screens being the most convenient. However, Celexon also offer custom-made solutions for those that require it. For perfect integration of the screen inot the room there are also ceiling recessed screens available.

Celexon ceiling recessed projector screen

Celexon motor screen

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Beamax X-series Dellegno-900-80

There are times when aesthetics and a discreet solution are what is required by our clients and for this the Beamax Inceiling projection screen offers just that. Visible only when it is in use it has an innovative assembly system which is unique – the structure is kept hidden by its positioning inside a false ceiling. The practical height requirements are bespoke to the need of the client and allows for an installation that is quick and straightforward and by attaching the anchoring system with 2 plugs at the end of the case it is hidden reducing the visual impact significantly and giving a wonderful ambient, harmonious feel.

One of the ultimate integration solutions for our home cinema clients is the Inceiling solution that has a classic tensioning method that ensures an aesthetic and harmonious impact, avoiding creasing of the fabric due the the cables threaded through eyelets long the sides, which creates a lateral arch.



When it comes to the ultimate fashion statement in projection screens, think of all those Designer labels and apply to the Beamax Dellegno custom series. A more bespoke solution than anything else to integrate your projection screen for the ultimate in discretion. The sizes offered by Beamax are a complete variety that again suits you, our customer, in getting the best, most recent screen technology, integrated to your lifestyle, to your needs and is able to be integrated to any piece of furniture.



A Dash of Designer Drama

The motorised system has to be the coup d’etat for your home cinema system – on your whim you can show and hide your screen and projector, keeping it totally discreet and unknown until you wish to proudly announce its arrival to your guests. When not in use, no-one needs know it exists – but if you prefer a more artistic effect that magic can be added with ornate theatre style curtains, making a statement of what your home cinema is for. Oakley Home Cinema creates a lavish, flawless, creative yet functional and versatile to use product and solution for all your home cinema needs – whatever your budget.
Contact Oakley Home Cinema about your vision for a lavish, stylish and flawlessly functional home cinema.


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