Bar, club and restaurant audio viseoWhether you have a Bar, Restaurant, Club or Multi Zone Audio and Video systems (including security) Oakley Home Cinema Marbella can and will provide a full design, install and maintenance solution, including support for systems that have previously been supplied by alternative companies.

Audio systems

Clean, crisp audio systems are a must for the professional clubs, restaurants and bars, whether it be to create a certain ambience or the versatility to show sporting events or live music for the variety of events that people require from private occasions to sponsored social gatherings.

The ability to set different audio levels and have different sounds, depending on which zone you have in your location is an absolute necessity in this day and age, allowing different moods to suit the needs of your clients.

Whether it be a central control system, or a multiple location system, we can supply the technology to control your audio zones simply and with the minimum of training.

Our clients requirements are very diverse depending on environment and our clients personal needs and this is what we at Oakley Home Cinema Marbella cater for. Whatever stage your business is in, whether it is a new build, a renovation or simply enhancing what you already have, we can design for whatever environment you require from indoors to outdoors, pools, saunas, private dining areas – the list goes on.

Video Systems

Depending on how elaborate or simple you want your video system, we at Oakley Home Cinema Marbella can provide the solution you require, whether it be a basic Television, Computer or Video solution down to the more elaborate system that will give you the ability to control however many screens you have, wherever they may be, from a central location.

The range of video screen these days is vast, from the simple TV screen to large format displays or the projection systems. All these systems can easily be integrated into an existing system you may have of designed for your new build or renovation.


Bar, Club & Restaurant Multi-Zone Audio and Video Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond