Bespoke Dedicated Home Cinema

The ultimate in luxury is to have your own Dedicated Cinema Room, and who better to provide this for you than Oakley Home Cinema.

From the individuality of motorised loungers, the acoustic quality that you expect from us, our service involves you in every detail of what you expect from your home cinema experience.

How would it feel to deliver the “wow” factor to your friends and family and become the envy of all. The ability to maximise the whole viewing experience with high definition images, surround sound that is crystal clear allowing you and your friends and family to immerse yourselves in the whole film, gaming, music experience, whether it be a discreet part of your home or a dedicated cinema room to experience using different technologies to suit your environment. If you want to be more modest, a discreet motorised screen can be fitted into the ceiling of your lounge, that is only noticed when you decide to show it.

Alternatively we can provide you with a dedicated cinema room that is totally personal to what you need and want. We design uniquely with you, our client in mind, with all equipment as hidden and disguised as you wish. Everything can be hidden from sight, unless you want it to be on show and have the Cinema Rooms of all cinema rooms.

At Oakley Home Cinema we work with you through every step of the way – we make sure that we work with your budget and we have a variety of suppliers to make sure that you get the best possible products for the price you can afford. Not only that, to complement the home cinema equipment, we can also furnish your home cinema space to your exacting requirements.

Professional Design, Installation, Programming

Do you have an empty space that you don’t know what to do with? At Oakley Home Cinema we can transform this area into the ultimate home cinema using our comprehensive design, installation and supply systems that we have out our disposal. We have a range of qualified suppliers in all aspects of home cinema from projection screens, sound systems, TV screens, furniture and seating to encompass all you need and to suit any budget. We sit down with you at the start, assess your needs and your budget, provide a plan and then provide the solution that you are looking for.

Dedicated Cinema Rooms Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond