Kitchen & Bathroom Audio & Video

Having the luxury of audio and video systems in your own kitchen or bathroom is now a real possibility, but obviously there are some health and safety risks involved. The dampness and humidity of these environments needs to be taken into account, such as specialist equipment specification and the positioning of the products themselves, with the capability of withstanding the environment this equipment is in.

The leading producer of mirror and bathroom televisions is a French company called Agath which is why Oakley Home Cinema Marbella specifies the purchase of their solutions. The screens are adapted totally to the environment that they will be used in and with Agath we are able to supply a fully integrated and original range of solutions to suit our clients needs.

The sophisticated and unique design of the Agath screen means that unless the screen is switched on it is almost totally impossible to see that it is a television screen. These screens can be wall-mounted or built in and because of their high quality and demand are now available for all round the house.



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