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The objective of a marine audio system should not only be to create a great entertainment experience, but also be able withstand the elements.

Luxurious & Practical Yacht Control Systems

If you have a yacht of a boat the luxury of a great entertainment system, providing the quality you expect in your own home, was a thing of the past. Not any more! We can provide the level of luxury you desire with plasma screens that can be discreetly hidden, lighting controls for that perfect ambience and the Kaleidescape range of DVD server providing you with all the films you desire at a touch of a button.

Multi-Cabin Yacht HD Audio Visual Installs

Not only that, we can make sure that each individual room or cabin on your yacht has access to the whole range of services, without having to watch or listen to what is happening in the neighbouring space. Each system is completely independent to that which is happening anywhere else in your environment. We can even provide an intercom system to allow communication throughout your vessel.

As ever, with anything we do, the paramount thing is client satisfaction and attention to detail. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration when planning an installation on a yacht or boat, down to vibration caused by high speeds at sea to the gentle rocking of being in harbour. We make sure that all our equipment has all the support it needs to withstand the conditions that you will be using your vessel in.

We at Oakley Home Cinema pay as much attention to the proper and careful wiring of our systems as to anything else we provide for you. We take into consideration the environment and use marine grade wiring, which is correctly routed to make sure they do not short or cause a fire – we use only the best.

For a system to provide the best enjoyment to our clients our solutions need to be easy to use, uncomplicated and available for everyone to use. We provide you the best value for money for your budget and always talk to you, our client, about what options are the best for you and your budget. We also make sure you have a complete understanding of what you are purchasing.

Marine Audio & Video Systems Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond